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iCooker Soldering Iron

iCooker Soldering Iron Kit Review

The iCooker Soldering Iron Kit (http://www.amazon.com/iCooker-Soldering-Iron-Watt-Solder/dp/B01774KARE) is  one of the most common soldering irons available in the market today. iCooker is currently a #1 New Release on Amazon.com, the world’s premier e-tailing marketplace. In this post, we review this accessory.


  • Temperature control thermostat – temperature control is one of the main features most people consider before they purchase a soldering iron kit. The iCooker contains special circuitry that’s meant to control temperature. This makes it a convenient and more so easy to use soldering accessory, especially compared with a selection of competitor’s products.
  • Comfortable Grip – this soldering iron is equipped with a soft-grip handle that makes it more usable. This handle design delivers reduced slippage and guarantees maximum comfort.
  • Plug and Play – this accessory doesn’t have a lot of complicated moving parts. You can use it right off the package. It heats up fast and delivers satisfactory results.
  • Freebies – comes with 5 free soldering tips and a solder wire tube in the same package. Considered these free inclusions, this might as well be one of the cheapest soldering iron kits available.
  • Cost – the iCooker soldering kit currently sells at $19.99, which is an affordable price point for most people looking for a good soldering iron kit.


Based on the product features, and a number of other products, the iCooker soldering kit is a handy accessory. This particular soldering kit is equipped with all the key features you need to get a great job done on your next electronics project, and so at a reasonable price point. Compared to a number of the competition’s products, it’s a real bet.

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Soldering Iron Main

3 Main Types of Soldering Irons

There are at least 3 major types of soldering irons available. If you plan to purchase a soldering iron any time soon, it’s important to have in mind that different type of soldering irons are used for different types of projects. The soldering iron you go for is determined by the amount of heat you need. You may either use a soldering iron, a soldering gun or a soldering torch. Each of these has been described in details in this post.

Soldering Irons

Soldering irons happen to come in both low and high wattage versions. They also tend to have variable temperature settings to help deliver the volume of heat you need for your soldering projects. Soldering irons are the most common types of solder used in small jobs. Most soldering irons available run at 110 volts. However, they may also be available in lower wattage specifications. Some versions of soldering irons are equipped with a temperature control thermostat. Some soldering irons also tend to be powered by butane gas rather than electricity. They are preferably used to handle smaller electronics such as microwaves and coffee makers.

Soldering Guns

Soldering guns tend to resemble hand drills. They can cool down fast, and have a wire looped tip, thus do not typically need a holster. The tip of these soldering irons may need to be replaced every once in a while, but it’s an important tool to own. Soldering guns can be easily set up and are not a fire hazard because they promptly cool down after use. Soldering guns operate via a trigger mechanism. The tip of the soldering iron is made from tin.

Soldering Torches

Soldering torches happen to use either propylene or acetylene gas to operate. They output a massive amount of heat and are often used in projects involving jewelry, or in the melting of Gold, Copper and Silver. Soldering torches produce high temperatures, which makes them ideal for certain types of projects involving jewelry. People using soldering torches should work in a flame-resistant area, and be sure to wear protective gear to prevent fire hazards.

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soldering Iron 2

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Soldering Iron

Are you considering buying a Soldering Iron anytime soon? What are the factors you should look for before you purchase this handy accessory? Nowadays, a soldering iron is an essential accessory for novice DIY buffs. Soldering is not a particularly difficult concept to grasp for people who are looking to learn. Seasoned electronics professionals evaluate the following factors before they purchase a soldering iron:

Going Cordless

Convenience and portability are the two key reasons why DIY buffs consider going for a cordless power version of a soldering iron. People hate being restricted by a cord, which makes moving from one point to another quite a hassle. Essentially, a cordless soldering iron increases productivity.

Temperature Control

Today, there are more and more technologically advanced soldering iron kits that are equipped with a temperature control thermostat. These either include variable power control, or control temperature range. Others are equipped with a thermocouple that helps adjust the temperature of the tip. Professionals in electronics often go for temperature controlled soldering irons that can take care of delicate soldering projects.


Most soldering irons are equipped with an interchangeable tip. These tips are also referred to as bits and come in a variety of shapes and sizes for maximum flexibility to the user. Some of the more common soldering iron tips include chisel, pyramid, tapered and fine conical. Before going for a precise tip, it’s important to consider what type of project you intend it for.


Wattage is all about the power required to heat the objects. Massive amounts of wattage may burn through some electronics components. DIY professionals prefer the 15-35 wattage range, but electronics pros can go for as much as 60 watts.

Cost & Brand

Of course, cost and brand are two other factors that should be considered when purchasing a soldering iron. There are dozens of brands out there that sell soldering irons at different price points. Do your background research to identify brand that are associated with high quality. For instance, the iCooker Soldering Iron is wildly popular on the world’s top e-tailing platform, Amazon.

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Soldering Iron Tips

How to Choose the Best Soldering Irons

A soldering iron is a handy tool for most people. Today, there are scores of soldering irons available in the market. It can be a challenge choosing the best one amid all the varieties of shapes and sizes. The kind of soldering iron you need is determined by the nature of soldering project you intend to undertake, as well as how often you plan to use it. This post cover a number of things you should think about before choosing a soldering iron for your electronics projects, as well as de-soldering work.


Wattage is one of the most important considerations you should think about when it comes to a soldering iron. Most soldering irons that are used in electronics works average 20-60 watts. Nowadays, it’s very common to come across soldering irons that feature 50W. These provide enough heat for soldering projects involving circuit boards. Soldering irons that have wattage of between 40 and 60 are better in that they have more power available. Most soldering irons available in the market today are equipped with a knob for regulating the concentration of heat on the iron tip.

Temperature Control

It’s good to go for a soldering iron that is equipped with some form of temperature control thermostat. This gives you more control over your soldering and makes your work less of a hassle. Today, there are scores of thermostat-equipped soldering irons available in the market.

Tip Size and Shape

There’s an unlimited variety of soldering iron tips, shapes and sizes. The type, shape or size you go for is determined on the application. Before you go right ahead and purchase a soldering iron kit, make sure that it’s ideal for the application you intend it for. Also, different tips work for different soldering iron, so be keen not to purchase incompatible accessories.

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